Trauma Therapies for war affected Children

Dear All,

We have for years been working with Children affected by the 21 years brutal civil armed conflict in Northern Uganda that ended in 2007. Our major tools for trauma therapy, has been sports and the use or arts e.g. music, dance, drama and painting e.g expressive arts

We would be most glad if there’s anyone here with information on group trauma therapies for schools e.g. classroom activities through sport and arts.

For details you can contact us at

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Missions/Volunteer and Internship Opportunities in Africa

Kindly Circulate Widely to Friends & Networs!
Dear Sir or Madam,
Greetings from Africa Youth Ministries. Have you been lately looking for that volunteer or internship opportunity that does not require you to pay anything before enrollment. Look no further, Africa Youth Ministries has hosted 100’s of volunteers from all over the world skilled and non skilled. Our volunteer opportunities are all year through, with special group summer, fall and spring opportunities. For available volunteer opportunities, kindly follow the link below;-
To apply online for our volunteer opportunities, kindly follow the link below:-
Global Peace Day 2010:
To participate in any of our 2010 Global peace day, 21 days of peace activism activities, kindly visit the link below:-
Looking forward to hearing from you, you can also reach us by mail at
Let Peace Prevail,
CEO/Peace/Human Rights & AIDS Activist
Africa Youth Ministries
AG. Director Living Hope Health Care
P.O. BOX 20029, Kampala-Uganda
Plot 647 Kireka Kamuli Hill Road
P: +256-776-200002/3/4/753-200002/793-200002
F: +256-414-287151
E: or or
“Before you can think of printing this mail, think about the environment”
Africa Youth Ministries is a registered Charity in Uganda No 5914/6068
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2010 Medical Mission Opportunities

Africa Youth Ministries is looking for Medical professional Volunteers across the Globe to serve in our medical facilities, partner Government medical facilities, Orphanages, Schools, and Churches. Our major target population is the rural and urban poor with limited or no access to health care. We strive to uplift the health status of the less privileged in specific rural areas of Uganda. During the year 2010 we need OB-GYN, Physicians, General Surgeons, Pediatricians, Dentists, Nurses, Surgical Technologists, Laboratory Technicians, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Pastors, physiotherapists, Medical and Dental Students as well as individuals with no previous medical experience. If you are interested in becoming a team member, or bringing a group to Uganda for a 1+ week mission trip, please contact us for more information. A one week trip will truly be an unforgettable life-changing event for those of all ages. You will have an opportunity to experience the Ugandan culture, evangelize, preach, minister, serve, learn and show your talents with the orphans, and needy people. You will have the ability to offer humanitarian aid, make new friends, explore Uganda’s countryside and mountains, while gaining a new awareness for missions and possibly changing someone. Home visits under our Home Based Care for people living with AIDS, will be un- forgettable seeing and learning how rural people live and cope with life challenges. For details you can contact us at or visit our webpage at

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