2010 Medical Mission Opportunities

Africa Youth Ministries is looking for Medical professional Volunteers across the Globe to serve in our medical facilities, partner Government medical facilities, Orphanages, Schools, and Churches. Our major target population is the rural and urban poor with limited or no access to health care. We strive to uplift the health status of the less privileged in specific rural areas of Uganda. During the year 2010 we need OB-GYN, Physicians, General Surgeons, Pediatricians, Dentists, Nurses, Surgical Technologists, Laboratory Technicians, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Pastors, physiotherapists, Medical and Dental Students as well as individuals with no previous medical experience. If you are interested in becoming a team member, or bringing a group to Uganda for a 1+ week mission trip, please contact us for more information. A one week trip will truly be an unforgettable life-changing event for those of all ages. You will have an opportunity to experience the Ugandan culture, evangelize, preach, minister, serve, learn and show your talents with the orphans, and needy people. You will have the ability to offer humanitarian aid, make new friends, explore Uganda’s countryside and mountains, while gaining a new awareness for missions and possibly changing someone. Home visits under our Home Based Care for people living with AIDS, will be un- forgettable seeing and learning how rural people live and cope with life challenges. For details you can contact us at med.volunteers@aymu.org or visit our webpage at



About africayouthmin

Africa Youth Ministries is an International Christian Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) dedicated to serving humanity as a whole, implementing Development, Humanitarian and Social Economic Projects. Addressing major problems facing young people e.g. HIV/AIDS, Poverty, Armed Conflicts, Drugs and Low levels of education. As a Christian Organisation we exist to:- * Implement a comprehensive HIV/AIDS intervention program geared to prevention of new infections among young people, provide treatment to those already living with the HIV Virus, community based Psycho Social Support & Care of Orphaned and other vulnerable Children. * Develop and promote suitable approaches to peace building in Northern Uganda, focusing on reconciliation, forgiveness, tolerance and non violence.
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